Products and Services

Products and Services2021-01-19T17:37:40+00:00

Account Types

Checking, Passbook Savings, IRA Accounts, Share Certificates, Direct Deposits of Payroll, Social Security, and Retirement Annuities.

To apply for an account, please click here

Loan Types

Vehicles, Boats, Motor Homes, Jet Skis, Appliances, Real Estate, Lawn Mowers, Tractors, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Livestock, Signature, and Savings/Share Certificate Secured Loans.

Interest rate on loans is determined by a member’s credit score at time of application.  Co-Ne FCU uses Experian credit scores.

Please visit with a Member Service Rep. today for our available rates and offerings on all loans.

All loans require a $25.00 application fee **updated January 1, 2021**

To apply for a loan, please click here


N.A.D.A Values on: Vehicles, Boats, Travel Trailers, Motorcycles, and Recreational Vehicles, Farm Equipment Value Guide

  • Wire Transfers
  • EMV “Chip” Cards
  • Online Banking
  • Check Capture Deposit (with approved application)
  • Coin Counting Services (10% fee for non-members)
  • Copies & FAX, Paper Shredder for member use
  • Annual Newsletter Mailed with statements (available online for e-statement members)
  • 24/7 ATM Available
    • Free to use with a Co-Ne Credit Union Debit Card
    • Minimal fee for Non-Credit Union Cards assessed

Deposit Account Details

  • Shares (Savings)- Minimum Deposit of $50.00
  • Share Draft (Checking) – No Mimium Deposit required
    • Checks available for a Minimal Fee
    • No Monthly Fee Debit Card Available

Rates on Accounts – Updated Rates Effective 1-18-2021

Shares – Minimum Deposit – $50.00 – Rate 0.10% APY

IRA – Minimum Deposit – $1,000.00 – Rate 0.600% APY

Certificates of Deposit – Minimum Deposit $1,000.00

Term –           Rate –            Penalty

6 months –       0.25% –             90 days

12 months –      0.30%  –            90 days

24 months –     0.35%  –             6 months (180 days)

36 months –      0.40% –             6 months (180 days)

Account Details And Schedule of fees

  • $50.00 minimum balance to open a shares account
  • Checking Account has no minimum balance requirement
    • We do require a Shares account open with $50.00 to maintain a Checking Account
  • All insufficient funds transactions are $25.00 each – Share Draft overdraw – ACH – ATM
  • Deposit item return fee – $25.00 ea
  • Stop payment fee on checks – $25.00 each
  • Wire Transfer fee (outgoing) – $25.00 each
    • No fee for incoming Wire Transfers to your account
  • Corporate Checks from a member’s account – now $1.00 per check issued from account
  • Check processing and mailing convenience fee of $1.00 per check printed and mailed
  • Returned mail to the credit union is $5.00 per item sent back to the Credit Union to be processed
  • Dormat Account fee – no activity for 365 days – $5.00 per quarter
  • Per Reg D Shares (Savings) tracking – ALL withdrawals from Shares (Savings) through online-ATM-or ACH transactions in excess of 6 per month will be assessed a fee of $1.00 each additional transaction.